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Another lovely find from TK Maxx

I popped into my local TK Maxx this afternoon to get some new gym gear and whilst waiting to pay, I found this set of mini Essie polishes.

I have been longing to try Essie but can't afford to shell out £8.95 per bottle. However, this set has four mini 5ml bottles for the grand total of £9.99 (RRP15.95). A great way to try four different Essie polishes without breaking the bank! 

The other set on sale was Magnifique French, but I opted for Mega Mini Jewels.

The colours from left to right are: Really Red, Pink Glove Service, Vanity Fairest and Marshmellow. 

I can't wait to try that vibrant red out - expect some Essie NOTD's very soon!
Also if you're a fan of Nails Inc, they had sets on sale for £12.99.

It can hit and miss most times, but I love finding a TK Maxx bargain!


  1. I love tk maxx, but youre right it can be hit and miss, you have to know the tricks!

  2. I really should go to tk maxx more often! I'd love to find something like this! :) xx

  3. love these pretty pretty shades! Love your blog, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx


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