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Wedding update - I've bought my shoes!

Okay hold your horses I haven't bought a pair of Christian Louboutins, these are just my dream wedding shoes for you to perve on. Taking into account that a) I don't have £1,995 to spare and b) if I did, I would have to hobble down the aisle, these beautiful Swarovski crystal encrusted 4 inch heels were never going to be mine. Instead I had to find a pair of bridal shoes on the high street.

I'm not very picky but I had a few requirements: they had to be under £70, have a peep toe and a heel under 4 inches but most of all they had to be PRETTY. There are many wedding shoe specialists (like Rainbow) and I know that the shoes are very comfortable and all but to me, most of them look clumpy and generally unappealing, plus they can cost anything from £85 upwards. I didn't even care about the colour, I just wanted something affordable I could wear again.

Yesterday I found this Ivory pair by Dune! I finished work at 2pm and was browsing the sales in Debenhams when I spotted them for £45 down from £75. They didn't have my size so I had to go to 5 different stores on Oxford St before I found them. After dodging charity peeps and weaving in and out of slow walking tourists in the 31 degree heat, I ended up a sweaty mess but it was worth it because I do really like them. They're not perfect but they're a right bargain which will do me fine! The heels are rather thin so I'll have to get used to that and the right side which was on display is a bit grubby but I can get it cleaned.

If you've seen anything nicer, don't tell me because I can't return these!

No7 lipstick in Bare. A good nude for WOC?

I've been looking for a nude lipstick for a long time and it's been a bit difficult as most nudes that are marketed are for women who are about 10 shades lighter than me! I've already made the mistake of buying a few which look completely ridiculous. I guess the trick is not to buy a milky beige/pink colour but a warm brown with pink undertones.

Like this swatch of Bare!

I think this is the perfect nude lipstick for me. It erases my natural lip colour without washing me out and I feel really comfortable wearing it. A great everyday colour.

I have to say that I'm not really impressed with No7 as a brand itself. I bought this with my £5 off voucher but the original RRP is £10. I feel like this is a complete rip off and that No7 makeup is grossly overpriced for what it is. The quality of this is on par with a £1 MUA lipstick I bought a while back. The lipstick goes on thinly and smells waxy and cheap, whilst the packaging is plasticy and really dated.

I wouldn't buy this again, I just hope that I can find the same colour in another brand. Anyone know of anything similar?

MAC Teddy Kohl swatches

So as promised, here is a swatch of MAC's Teddy eye pencil which I used to create the simple smokey eye I posted last month. A lovely dark bronze with golden shimmer running through it. It's really soft and blends easily but as a kohl pencil it will smudge and it will crease/fade. I keep this in my bag and use it to transform my basic everyday work makeup (black eyeliner & mascara) into something a bit more sparkly. I'd love to find something like this colour in a long lasting or waterproof eye pencil.

I am bored therefore I shop

When boredom prevails, you end up taking stupid photos with your cat. Oh, just me?

I had the most mind numbingly boring weekend last week. I had 5 days off as I took two days sick leave on Thursday and Friday with a tummy bug and I don't work Mondays. All my friends had their own plans and the Mr was bedridden with food poisoning after a dodgy chicken burger incident. Plus the weather was downright awful so no amble in the park for me. Seriously, what is up with the torrential rain? It's MID JUNE!!

There's only so many times you can watch Friends repeats (the same ep twice a day is my limit) and listen to your favourite song at the moment. What I wanted to do was shop! But I wanted instant gratification - no twiddling of thumbs whilst waiting for parcels to be delivered, oh no. Seeing as it was a Sunday and the shops closed early, my only option was the local shopping centre, on my lonesome in the bleeding rain.

My little high street haul

From Topshop I bought a much needed pair of flip flops after the cat chewing incident and a new purse! I'm not a purse person at all, I keep change in my pockets and my cards in a tatty Oyster card holder which was falling apart so I thought why not get this? It was only £6 and I'm not sure if the pattern is supposed be clouds but I think it's cute.

From Superdrug I bought this Beautyuk baked blush in "Peaches and Cream". There were no testers but it looked so pretty so I coughed up the £3.99. Big mistake! Came home and swatched it and barely anything showed up. It's not even peach, it's pink!!

In Boots, I used my No7 vouchers to get the eyelash curler after Rhamnousia posted about it. I've only ever used H&M curlers before and I think I may prefer them to this even though they're perfectly fine. Just a case of personal preference really. Also bought a lipstick in Bare and a Ruby & Millie blush from the clearance bit. I'll be doing separate posts on these two another time but I do loooove the nude lippie. I've still got three No7 vouchers to use but I don't need anything, I just feel like I *have* to use them.

Sorry if this has been a long rambly post! It's still raining but I'm off out now to eat some yummy Turkish food with a friend. Hope you all have a good Friday night whatever you're doing :) xx

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NOTD: More pink crackle

My nail polish collection is still missing but hopefully it'll be found when we move back home next week (fingers crossed). So my choices are limited even though I've bought about 6 or 7 new bottles but in really similar shades - pink, coral and peach. Two toned nails are just another way of mixing it up a little. The base is two vertical stripes - no name white polish and Barry M's Peach Melba finished off with a lick of pink crackle and a clear topcoat.

What are you wearing on your nails today?

Love thy name is....Inglot Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil #28

A bit of a mouthful and slightly annoying that these lip pencils forgo names for numbers but they are amazing. It is only recently that I've become enamoured with lipsticks and I'm building up quite a collection but I would happily only wear this one forever!

This chunky pencil is a dream to use and so easy, no need to faff around with a lip brush. Just outline and colour in - simple. The pencil nib is hard but it doesn't drag at all like others can. And the colour #28....

...is gorgeous and so pigmented. I absolutely love it.

Usually my dry lips and matte formulations do not get on at all but this one isn't a very "dry" formula probably because of the avocado butter it contains. When I read about matte lipsticks with Shea butter and other moisturising ingredients I usually scoff because they never ring true. However whilst this Inglot pencil isn't moisturising, it's not chalky, doesn't drag and you don't need a thin layer of lip balm beforehand.

So what does it look like on? Here are two perfect examples of how NOT to take blog photos.

Exhibit A: Vacant with smudged eyeliner. Exhibit B: Blinded by the flash.

I took these photos last week and couldn't take any new ones because of my pesky cold sore. Plus I think photos of lipstick being worn are more helpful than swatches when gaging whether it will suit your own skin tone. Even if they are the worst ones in the world.

It doesn't last all day but the staying power is really good. Eating and drinking with this on is fine as there is minimal transfer. When it does start to fade, you're left with a pink stain instead of "bitty" lips.

The price is £9 for 4.5g although I bought mine for £7.20 as MUAs get 20% off and Amina kindly let me use her discount. I think it's well worth the price because it will last for ages. I've used mine quite a few times and there's no need to sharpen it yet. I will definitely go back for more, perhaps next time a more neutral everyday colour as I save this one for "going out".

What are your favourite Inglot products?

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I wanted to do a post on a new lip pencil I bought but I'm in hayfever hell today and look absolutely horrendous. I'm currently looking for a dark hole to crawl in (armed with a stack of Benedryl tablets) and not resurface again until late Autumn.

Here's a post about rings on the UK high street instead. I'm not a big ring wearer to be honest because I think they can make my fat fingers look even more chubby. However I am really liking the trend for big chunky rings at the moment. I bought this turquoise pair from H&M at the cheapo price of £3.99 but sadly they don't fit and they seem to be sold out everywhere else grrr.

L-R - Top: 1/2/3/4 Middle: 5/6/7/8 Bottom: 9/10/11/12

I did a bit of internet trawling and these are some of the my picks, divided into semi-precious stones, skulls and animals. Don't think I could pull the skulls off but I do like the look of them. My favourites are the "blue irregular stone" ring and the elephant ring which are both from Dorothy Perkins. I've never bought any jewellery from there and was surprised at the good selection.

What do you think? Do you like this trend?