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Fatty in Fatih

I'm back baby!! Landed last night after spending the last 5 days in Istanbul. Had a brilliant time but despite the cold weather it's so good to be home. It's been exactly a week since I became a Mrs and the whole experience was so freaking tiring. I won't have any photos for a few weeks but here are some (ok a lot of) photos I took on my trip.

Istanbul is a beautiful city and all the architecture and history took my breath away. I also looooooooved all the cats (if you couldn't already tell from the pics). I took more photos of cats than I did of myself! I got in trouble with Sid though, he's really allergic and told me not to touch them but I couldn't help myself and he ended up wheezing for the rest of the night...oopsy. I didn't really buy anything for myself so nothing to show but we spent most of our money on foooooood. Everything was yummy and I ate so much I think I'm going to have to live on soup for the rest of the week to give my digestive system a break. Plus my belly is sticking out more than usual :P

Back to work on Tuesday but I still have to sort out the flat. Got LOADS to do but my priority is setting up an internet connection, can't function without it!