; une tasse: a beauty and casual fashion blog: March 2012


Heavily swatched and slightly out of focus, sorry!

Today I received my blog sale buy MAC Crosswires in the post (thank you Sabina) and it promptly went on my lips. If you didn't already know, coral is my favourite colour and this may be my new favourite one? It's a bit similar to Vegas Volt which I also love but this has more pink in it. The cremesheen formula means it's much more wearable than Vegas Volt which is amplified and shows every bit of dry lip. It's also a subtle wash of colour that can be built up to your preference which I really like as sometimes I don't like wearing a strong lip colour but still want a hint of something.

Can't really say anything about how long it lasts as I've only worn it for these photos but I don't think it's very long. That said I wouldn't mind reapplying this, I really love the cremesheen formula.

I've bought a lot of new lipsticks over the past few months so expect more posts like this soon xx

Black & Navy?

I'm attending a wedding in three weeks and have finally managed to track down a suitable dress today, this lace beauty from Next. It's now the most sophisticated dress I own even though I look nowhere as good as the model does in it (impossible task methinks). The only thing is that I've come a bit stuck on what shoes I should buy. I know a nude pair would go great with this dress but I spent the day in Zara cooing over all the gorgeous shoes and all my favourites are black!

Can you see a trend here? I do love a platform and a chunky heel.

Is it ever okay to mix navy and black? Normally I don't really adhere to certain fashion "rules" but it's a formal occasion and I want to look my very best. What do you think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :D