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Boot(ylicious) @ Forever 21

Behold my new boots that arrived in the post today! Saw these after paying the Forever 21 store a very brief visit last week and they didn't have any in my size so I had ordered them online. Delivery was frustratingly slow as it took a whole week and that was the standard option at £3.95. My super saver free delivery parcels from ASOS and Amazon never take more than 3 days! However I've been looking all over for some affordable brogue-boots and I paid £24.75 so I'm really pleased. I like the distressed look and the little 1 inch heel and most of all I like that it doesn't look too cheap/pleathery.

Although I'll be sad when sandal season is over, I can't wait to wear these!

Free skin health assessment at sk:n clinics

This isn't a sponsored post. I just thought it would be helpful for those of you worried about sun damage.

This summer sk:n clinics is offering everybody a FREE skin health assessment. If you’re worried about what damage you may have done to your skin, exposing it to harmful UV rays this summer, you can book in at your local sk:n clinic for a consultation.

The sk:n skin health assessment consists of a consultation with one of sk:n’s experts and facial scanning using state of the art technology, to highlight any existing damage with UV light. The consultant will also calculate your skin age based on its condition. The skin health assessment usually costs £25, but for a short time only, sk:n will be offering them absolutely free.

The offer is all part of the skin health campaign, fronted by the England cricket team to raise awareness about the dangers of the sun’s rays on the skin. As part of the campaign sk:n clinics will be donating £10,000 to the British Skin Foundation to fund vital research into important dermatology issues.

Visit www.sknclinics.co.uk for more information

Nail dilemmas

Wedding prep stress has finally caught up with me hence the lack of posts and because it's Ramadan, I just don't have the energy or will to blog when I get home from work. I wanted to post this about two weeks ago but haven't had the chance!

With the "big day" (*scoff*) about 6 weeks away I'm more worried about little things like how I want my nails. I haven't been blessed with the most delicate/feminine hands, mine are fat and stubby! I also have very small nail beds and even when I grow them out they look irregular and just not picture perfect.

I bought some falsies from Boots to see how they'd look and even though they were extra short, I had to file them down like a mother so they wouldn't look ridiculous. They're not as natural looking as I'd like them to be which bugs me but the length gives the appearance of elongated fingers. Also I'm stumped about what colour they should be. I don't like french tips so I was veering towards a natural-ish pink but it's hard to find one that looks good for my skin tone. Nearly all of the nude or pale pink polishes which are marketed as suitable for a wedding are way too light or pastelly for me.

I found this set of O.P.I minis in TKMaxx and "Pinking of You" was a bit too bright so I layered Ciate's "My Fair Lady" which came free with Marie Claire and the end result was as above. I'm not totally won over but this is the best I've come up with yet. I'm sorely tempted to rock some glitter nails or a bright pink but will this look tacky in the photos and will I regret it 20 years down the line? Decisions, decisions........

Keep cool and carry on

It's been really hot and muggy here over the past few days and keeping my hair up is one of the best ways I've found to keep cool. There's nothing worse than a hot and sweaty neck (so gross!), especially on the tube AKA sauna. Ponytails look awful with my shapeless long hair but I do love a braided up do.

This is the "style" I've been sporting today, really easy and great for when your hair is a tad greasy and won't sit right. Just divide your hair and form two plaits - one on either side. Then wind each plait around your head making both ends meet in the middle then pin into place. This video will show you what I mean. My ends are quite wispy so it doesn't look brill and I couldn't pin it any further forward but it'll do me fine. Don't mind the halo of frizz, got caught in the rain today :)

Sleek Pout Paint in Rosette

I've been eagerly anticipating the release of these new lip paints from Sleek and I was surprised to see my local Superdrug had them in store already (they're supposed to be launched on the 3rd August).

If I recall correctly there are about 11 colours to choose from but I played it safe and went for a fairly safe pink called Rosette. It was £4.99 for 8ml which I thought was a little expensive but like it says on the back "a little goes a long way!".

First impression was not brilliant as what first came out of the tube was clear liquid. The paint itself is thinner than I expected nor is it as pigmented as I thought it would be but I like having the option of wearing a lip colour sheer or building it up to my preference. It's has the consistency of a non sticky gloss and the finish is slightly shiny.

To see what it looks like on please click here. After 4 hours sleep I look frigging awful and didn't want to post my face here but at the same time I wanted to show you what it looks like on.

I'm not totally bowled over by these lip paints and I don't think I'll be buying any other colour but I think the idea is cool, especially how you can mix and make your own shades using the blue and white lip paints. Me? I think I'll use Rosette as a base to deepen some very light and almost unwearable lipsticks I've got. On the other hand I love the new Sleek displays and I'm looking forward to buying the new "Suede" blush as soon as I can find it in stock!