; une tasse: a beauty and casual fashion blog: May 2012

A little trip to TK Maxx

As I finished work earlier than usual I decided to swing by TK Maxx, specifically on the look out for some SLS free shampoos. I had a Brazilian blow dry on Friday and have to switch shampoo as the sulphates in my normal shampoo will break down the keratin and it won't last for the 3 month it's supposed to. My hair is SO greasy right now and tomorrow is day 4 so I'm going to run home after work and gleefully jump into the shower. Lank greasy curtains begone!

My sister uses Naked shampoo which is SLS free but it made my hair really dry and I had read that Tigi have SLS free shampoos which are meant to be good. There were quite a few of those large pump bottles of Tigi superstar shampoo but I bought a normal sized tube of Some Like It Hot which is heat & humidity resistant as well as sulphate free. It smells nice and I hope it works well. The shampoo section had so many great buys. There was Frederic Fekkai Shea butter shampoo for £6.99, Bumble and Bumble Creme de coco shampoo for £9.99 and lots of mini sets of MOP for £4.99.

I also found some Essie sets! A cool pale blue, a creamy salmon pink and the only one with the label still attached, 'Jam N Jelly' an iridescent fuchsia. All for a bargain sum of £9.99. The makeup section wasn't too impressive but I found this Stila bronzer for £3.99.

It's rare to find things you like or that are unopened in TK Maxx but when you do, it's brilliant. Have you found anything good recently? Also can anyone recommend a SLS free conditioner? I didn't manage to find one today.