; une tasse: a beauty and casual fashion blog: August 2012

Chelsea, Zara & Studs

Why is it that when you are not supposed to be spending money you fall in love with almost EVERYTHING you see in the shops? I've been really good and haven't bought many new things for ages but from the 4 new things I have bought I haven't really pushed the boat out have I...

A quick browse in the Zara sale last week and I came home with these two dresses for a tenner each. They're the same plain dress with a low back and I couldn't decide between pink and green so I bought both because I didn't have the energy for the changing rooms that day. I still haven't made up my mind but I'm leaning towards the green which I promise doesn't look so dull in real life.

It's still sticky and humid outside but I think I'm always on the lookout for new boots, whatever the season. My sister bought these Chelsea boots from Tesco (£15) and I liked them so much I quickly followed suit. I've never worn Chelsea boots before and not too sure if they go with everything. My sis says I should wear them with my jeans rolled up? Seems like it's going to rain this weekend so they'll get their first outing.

Was initially going to name this post "stud love" though quickly reconsidered after thinking about the keyword searches. But I do love studs! I know that everyone will be wearing these Primark velveteen studded loafers (£12) but I could not leave the shop without them. I am usually a 6 in flats but had to size up and even the 7's are a bit snug. They have a green version too but compared to black they aren't so pretty. I also snapped up this studded clutch bag (£6) and this style seems to be everywhere at the moment. I think the Zara version is so much nicer/daintier so will probably get that to use as a purse. Topshop also has a suede studded purse but with silver conical studs. For once I think I prefer the gold version.

Are there any other studded things in the shops right now that I need in my life? By the way I know I've been the worst blogger ever but here are some sleepy kitty photos to make up for it xx