; une tasse: a beauty and casual fashion blog: September 2011

We found love in a hopeless place

Just wanted to share with you a few photos from our pre wedding shoot on Saturday which was part of our wedding photography package. I had the most horrible chest infection (still do) and couldn't breathe very well but with our amazing photographers (Pen and Cam) you can't tell at all. I don't really like getting my photo taken but they made us feel so comfortable and it wasn't a forced "look into each others eyes and stay like that for 1min". It was natural and I didn't feel self concious at all. Seriously they were amazing!

Hope you're all well and hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon after all this wedding malarky is over xxx

p.s. I just turned 26 half an hour ago. Feel so old!


Just a little update to say that I haven't gone AWOL, I've just got so much to do in so little time and I haven't had a chance to blog properly. I'll be on twitter if you want to hear me moan about how much I have to do. Still haven't got a bouquet, veil, jewellery, makeup or decided on my hair..... Only 2 and a half weeks left!

Models Own Leopard Print NOTD

I missed out on the last 50% off Models Own promotion but I was on the ball this time round. I bought Utopia, Pink Fizz & Peach Puff and used all three for some leopard printed nails. The glitter doesn't show well here but it sparkles like a beauty when it catches the light.

BTW I don't bother with the liquid eyeliner method, I use a Sharpie and it's so much better. Just wait for it to dry properly before the top coat otherwise it'll smudge like mine....Still a novice!