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My rubbish attempt at gradient nails

Whilst looking through the fuckyeahprettynails tumblr I came across these amazing gradient nails! I never knew it was possibile to do this before so was pretty impressed.

source: pamheega

I wanted to have a stab at it myself and turned to youtube to see what I could find. There are lots of tutorials on gradient/two tone nails but I went along with the techniques as seen in this one.

I used Barry M's "Berry Ice cream" as my base coat and Collection 2000's "Dynasty" and George by Asda's "Streamer" as the two top coat colours. I didn't have a makeup sponge so I used a washing up one that I cut up.

This is how it turned out - splodgey and without a gradient, which is because the sponge I used was coarse. I am going to buy some cheapo makeup sponges (which are much smoother) and will post my second attempt in the near future. Now where's my nail polish remover.......


  1. WOWW! i so wana give this a go too now... aww i bet my first attempt gonna be way worst than that

  2. Aww..that is pretty atrocious but it does seem to be more the fault of the sponge as opposed to your application skills so don't be disheartened!

    I wouldn't have the first idea re. how to do gradient nails..

    I'm liking the mehdhi though!


  3. @Amina lol I doubt yours could get any worse than this! xx

    @Rhamnousia thanks! A friend did it for me :) xx


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