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Models Own Leopard Print NOTD

I missed out on the last 50% off Models Own promotion but I was on the ball this time round. I bought Utopia, Pink Fizz & Peach Puff and used all three for some leopard printed nails. The glitter doesn't show well here but it sparkles like a beauty when it catches the light.

BTW I don't bother with the liquid eyeliner method, I use a Sharpie and it's so much better. Just wait for it to dry properly before the top coat otherwise it'll smudge like mine....Still a novice!


  1. I love this! I used an eyeliner when I did mine and it smudged like crazy!! xx

  2. This looks great, using a sharpie is such a good idea!

  3. nice! i love how neat and tidy this is, i can never get mine to look like this! x


  4. Hello, that is genius! Seriously, I'm kind of blown away by how simple it is and how great it looks. Sharpie. Seriously genius. I'm going to try this, thanks for sharing!


  5. wow!! thats so pretty! I wish I was able to do mine like that :/ x

  6. That's SO pretty!

    I just tweeted you :)
    I'm thinking of you as your BIG DAY draws closer.
    I hope everything is working out and that you're not stressing!

    All the best to you lovely... You're going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride! ♥♥

  7. I loooove this girly leopard color combo!!! you did an amaaazing job :)))


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