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Products and their use by dates

I know that beauty and make up products all have a use by date as I've read many useful blog and magazine articles on the subject. However I can never remember exactly how long different things last for. 
Today I was casually flicking through a copy of Good Housekeeping (wasn't mine, honest!) and came across this statistic:
"Nine out of Ten women have no idea that they only need to look at the symbol on the product that looks like an open pot. This will tell you how long your make-up, moisturiser or lotion will last once it's been open"

I've noticed these symbols before but it never clicked in my head.  Please tell me I'm not a total noob and I'm not the only one who was oblivious...?


  1. I never knew what these meant before until I saw it on TV.

    My mate told me a few days after that he had known this for ages.

    Therefore you aren't alone!

  2. I NEVER knew this. Feel like a dunce too. Although it's not like it's highly publicised :D x

  3. I've only just discovered your blog and have been reading through the older posts and I'd like to say that NO, you're not the only one! I've never heard about this before! Thanks for (belatedly) bringing this to my attention :) x


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