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Topshop's new makeup line

If I'm honest, when I first heard that Topshop were planning to release their own range of makeup, I was very wary. I didn't think a clothing store (even one as big as Topshop) could pull it off and was expecting it to be crap. Even when I saw the promos I wasn't bowled over, I mean sure the packaging is cute but that does not make for a great product alone. It wasn't until I saw Vex in the City's post, complete with swatches that I got excited. Specifically over the cream blushers.

So on Wednesday (the day of release), I made my way to Oxford Circus in hopes of snagging a blusher and hoped it wouldn't be mayem. The makeup section at the front of the store was hard to manouver around as it was so small but I managed to elbow my way through.

If I had the money, I could have easily bought 4 blushers, but after some swatching, I decided to get Neon Rose.

The colour in the pan is a vibrant coral but as you can see in the photo above, when applied it comes up a lovely pink. And for those of you interested, the ingredients below:

The only cream blusher I have to compare it to, is Mac's blushcreme in "Posey" which is quite thick and has to be applied with a stippling brush for best results. Neon Rose in comparison is very light weight and can be applied using fingers, where it blends to an almost powder like touch. It doesn't feel heavy or tacky as most other cream blushers do. In terms of staying power, they're on par with other drug store blushers but it doesn't take long to reapply (and the mirror is great for that).

The cream blushers are a reasonable £6 whereas Mac blushcremes are £16.50 each. I know Revlon have a range of cream blushers but I've never seen them instore, so if you are looking for an affordable range of cream blushers in an array of great colours, you can't go wrong with Topshop.

With regard to other products in the range, I really liked their lip polishes and the on trend nail polishes. I will definitely be back for more come payday!


  1. I haven't had a chance to check out this range yet, but to be honest the only thing that excites me is the cream blushers. The lipsticks seem nice but a bit overpriced at £8. Love the colour of the blusher you've choosen x

  2. I'm not really a lipstick wearer but I also think the lipsticks are a bit pricey! Definitely check out the blushers though, they're great xx


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