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Wedding fever

So it is wedding season and once again I've been gripped by a fever that strikes every year around this time. I've already been to two great weddings within the past month and have left each one thinking the same thing - "I can't wait to get married!".

I just wanted to share this beautiful Asian bridal lengha that I found whilst trawling the web.

Screencap taken from Charmi Creations where more gorgeous dresses like this one can be found.

I'm not even engaged but it doesn't stop me from dreaming about my perfect dress....


  1. OMG! i fink im in love, i love love LOVE this dress! you makin me wanna get married even more than i already want to :(

  2. Amina - haha sorry xx

    Bollywoodstylediaries - I knowwww I love it! xx


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