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Fatty in Fatih

I'm back baby!! Landed last night after spending the last 5 days in Istanbul. Had a brilliant time but despite the cold weather it's so good to be home. It's been exactly a week since I became a Mrs and the whole experience was so freaking tiring. I won't have any photos for a few weeks but here are some (ok a lot of) photos I took on my trip.

Istanbul is a beautiful city and all the architecture and history took my breath away. I also looooooooved all the cats (if you couldn't already tell from the pics). I took more photos of cats than I did of myself! I got in trouble with Sid though, he's really allergic and told me not to touch them but I couldn't help myself and he ended up wheezing for the rest of the night...oopsy. I didn't really buy anything for myself so nothing to show but we spent most of our money on foooooood. Everything was yummy and I ate so much I think I'm going to have to live on soup for the rest of the week to give my digestive system a break. Plus my belly is sticking out more than usual :P

Back to work on Tuesday but I still have to sort out the flat. Got LOADS to do but my priority is setting up an internet connection, can't function without it!


  1. MRS TASS!!! Welcome back! I went to Istanbul earlier this year for a conference, and loved it so much, your pics took me right back! Can't believe you didn't buy much though, v restrained! I bought a lot of jewellery. Cannot wait for the wedding pics! xxx

  2. Oo did you stay long? I was tempted by the "designer bags/purses" but I didn't really need anything. The only thing I bought was some rose jam for my family xx

  3. Hey Mrs! so glad you had a good time, cant wait to hear all about stand see the wedding pics! xxxxxxx

  4. Congratulations lovely, I hope you had an amazing day! ♥
    And looks like you had a great honeymoon.
    You and cats... Too cute! :)
    My husband is allergic to cats too... Men :)


  5. Congratulations!! Would love to see what you wore on the big day x

  6. Welcome back, and congratulations!

  7. Congratulations!!! Gorgeous photos xxxx

  8. Congrats Mrs!!! Hope ya had an amazing wedding & honeymoon. Such lovely pics! Took me right back to my trip a coupla years ago, oh how I miss the beautiful place....& all the kitties! I wanted to take them all home with me in my suitcase!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. Wah-hey! Congratulations to the both of you :) xXx

  10. Congrats my lady! Enjoy being a married lady you!

    I throughly enjoyed my visit to Istanbul this year purely because of the architecture and kittehs!

    Welcome back. looking forward to seeing the wedding piccies. xxo

  11. congrats hun, pictures look wonderful!xx


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