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Russian Red

I'm at my parent's house right now and hallelujah internet connection. I've missed blogging so much but the engineer is coming this Friday to set my broadband up and I hope to be back ASAP. I've bought so many new makeup bits the past few months but my most favourite item is MAC's Russian Red lipstick.

Excuse my sullen face but I am so TIRED and boy does it show. It's just the most perfect vivid red lipstick and it makes me feel quite grown up. I don't really like matte formulations but this lipstick is creamy and it stays for ageeeeeeeees. I've been wearing it as much as possible, even incorporating it into my Halloween outfit! Any other gorgeous red lipsticks out there that you can reccommend?


  1. @Maryam Maquillage - Thank you :) didn't think I would ever like red lipstick but I love this one! xx

  2. I love love love the lipstick on you! I love Cinammon Bronze by Revlon (although it's not red - it's more orange, but I wear it almost everyday)

  3. I WANT!!! It looks GORGEOUS on you... Brightens up your entire face.
    Really I must get it!
    Hope you and the Mr are well :)

  4. Can't wait till you're officially back in the blogging world!

    Love Russian Red on you! I've been sporting this for the past couple of days, I;m sure it makes me look moodier than I actually am, ha! xo

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