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GOSH Instant Tan Gel (Medium) #TFWOC

Forgive me for running a little behind on part two of the TFWOC project but the latest product is GOSH's Instant Tan Gel, the only high street product myself and a few other bloggers have been reviewing over the past week. See here for a list of the other ladies taking part and do look out for reviews on Karamel & Brown which half of the group are reviewing instead.

Gosh Instant Tan Gel gives a beautiful, instant and natural looking tan that washes off with soap and water. Free from DHA. Simple to apply, absorbs easily and provides an even colour. Dries quickly, non-greasy and streak free. Is formulated with DayMoist CLR, a natural based moisturiser containing sugar beet root and corn starch which provides intense and long lasting hydration. Also enriched with Vitamins A,E and F, and organic Gojiberry. Will help protect skin from free radicals and premature ageing.

Mmmmm chocolate? No it's not! This wash off tanning gel is runnier than I expected and despite the dark cocoa like appearance it gave a light wash of colour once blended into the skin. I used my hands to apply and didn't experience any streaks nor staining of my palms but I did wash my hands pretty quickly after. Supposedly takes only 60 seconds to set but I found it took a little longer, especially the inside of my elbow which stayed tacky. It smelled a bit like washing up liquid to me when I first pumped it out but once dried it has a nice but inoffensive smell which I couldn't smell again unless I sniffed my arm closely. It says to try not getting your skin wet or sweating for at least four hours which I don't think I did?? And here is how my arm looked like a couple of hours after application.

I loved the result and actually think my non tanned arm is very pasty in comparison now. I had a fear it would look a bit unnatural but I personally think it looks like my skin does when naturally tanned by the sun. Bronzed and glowy! It did fade after a couple of hours so I wouldn't say it's long lasting at all but it's brilliant for instant colour and washes off easily with soap and water. I don't know about the whole protection from premature ageing thing but I did find that my skin was left soft and moisturised when compared to my other arm. It is suitable to use on your face too but I'm a bit hesitant to because the skin on my face has more natural oils and I think it would end up looking patchy. I really enjoyed using this and I'll be saving this for my arms, legs and feet.

GOSH Instant Tan Gel is available to buy from Superdrug (RRP £7.69 for 150ml) and comes in Light, Medium and Dark.


  1. Whoa, your comparisons are crazy. Looks really good on you too. Glad that you liked it :) xo

    1. I know not everyone liked it but I did! xx

  2. I love how well it worked on you. This tan is actually perfect for your skin tone, such a lovely colour x

  3. wow that looks sooooo natural!!! I would've never known that it's not your real skin color :))

  4. This one makes such a visible difference to your skin unlike the others. xo


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