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Tans For Women Of Colour Project #TFWOC

Did you know there were products available and aimed at women of colour? I certainly didn't and over the next few weeks I'll be testing various bronzing and tanning products as part of the #TFWOC project organised by fellow bloggers LaaLaa from Dolce Vanity and Annie from EpiphannieA.

It appears that the general consensus amongst the Asian community I have grown up in,  is that tans are unattractive and unappealing. I actually have friends who refuse to go out on fiercely sunny summer days but me? I love having a tan and I try and keep the sun kissed glow for as long as possible (just pointing out that I do wear the appropriate SPF). One of the main aims of this project is to find tanning/bronzing products suitable for WOC and in the words of LaaLaa, "encourage women to steer away from harmful and unsafe methods such skin bleaching by showing them how they can enhance and even out their skin by tanning and or bronzing and still be proud and beautiful."

You can also see how these products work on a variety of different skin tones as we have been split into groups according to MAC shades. I'm a NC44 and in Group C.

Group A (NC30 - NW30- NC35- NW35) Group B (NC37 – NC40 – NW40 - NC42) Group C (NW43 – NC44 – NC45 – NW45) Group D (NW47 – NC50 – NW50) Group E (NC55 – NW55)

The brands we will be reviewing are as follows:

Week of the 10th September : Review of BeauBronz
Week of the 17th September Review of Karamel & Brown
Week of the 24th September Review of Vita Liberata
Week of the 1st October Review of Xen-Tan
Week of the 8th October Review of  MakeBelieve

Other bloggers involved in the project:

Stephanie from Nerd about Town
Dija from Dijas World
Lola from LolaStar Hearts
Laa Laa from Dolce from Vanity
Sophia from Tattoed Tea Lady
Safiyah from FrootiBeauty
Grace from All That Slap
Annie from Epiphannie A
Yinka from Vex in the City
Hafsa from Muslimah Beauty

Stay tuned for my first post later this week!


  1. Great idea!!! Agree about the tanning thing, I think there is still a deep rooted stereotype amongst South Asians about what is considered beauty, 'lighter the better in some people's eyes'! I have to wear SPF all the time as I've have had a few IPL sessions on my body and also suffer from hyper pigmentation :( But as I get older I've come to love my 'Group C' skin tone! Looking forward to your upcoming post :) xx

  2. I have had great results with XEN-TAN so far, I really hope you will like it as well! What a nice blog series, I can't wait to read your posts (:

  3. So glad to have you on for this project, I think these results are going to be amazing and a real eye opener to some people. Can't wait for your reviews xo


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