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St Moriz Dark Instant Self Tanning Lotion & Dark Bronzing Powder #TFWOC

Despite being something of a budget brand, St Moriz seems to be highly regarded in the tanning world and I have read countless positive reviews about their products. But would it work for my skin tone? Yes it did and I have to say it's my favourite out of all the tans we have been testing over the last two months!

Easy to apply, smells good and I loved the results (top arm). No streaks at all and this photo was taken almost a week after application and you can still see the lovely bronzed effect it gave my skin. The number one reason I would recommend this over all the other tans is the fact that it costs so little, around £3 a bottle compared to £18-£25 mark that most tanning products seem to sell for.

I didn't know they had a bronzer range but I was also sent their bronzer in dark to review. The powder is smooth and silky to apply but my problem with this is that I don't think this is a bronzer at all. Personally I consider bronzers as being dark brown/golden olive in colour with maybe a hint of shimmer. St Moriz is a full on rose gold shimmer which is absolutely gorgeous as a highlighter on dark skin and this is the only way I would use it.

The St Moriz website isn't very informative about where you can buy their products as you have to ring a number to find out. A quick Google search shows that Fragrance Direct stocks St Moriz and the tanning lotion is £2.99 and the bronzer £2.75. I've also read that Tesco sells St Moriz but I have yet to see any in my local.

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This brings the TFWOC project to an end and I'd like to thank Annie & LaaLaa for all their hard work! I no longer consider myself to be a tanning novice. I have learnt that there are tanning products suitable for my skin tone and that they will only bronze and enhance my natural colour, not darken which was a common misconception. It doesn't mean that I will be tanning on a regular basis but I know there are options for me out there if I need them :)


  1. I just hate st.moriz tanner...I've tried it several times and it doesn't fit my skin! :(

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    All about Lady Things

  2. i love it!
    it looks really natural in the first images, not at all like fake tan :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  3. That pink shimmery bronzer is gorgeous, what a great colour! You are right though, not very bronzer-y!


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