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Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tanning Mousse Medium #TFWOC

Using a special combination of natural nourishing extracts and the unique pHenO2 technology, Vita Liberata has reinvented self tan. pHenomenal contains all the USPs of our other tanning products, but can last up to 4 times longer:*

• No streaking & No smells.
• 100% free from parabens, perfume and alcohol.
• Easy to apply.
• Unique Pentavitin moisture lock complex.
• 70% organic extracts that are kind to skin and produce a natural fade (eventually!)

This tanning mousse claims to be the world's first 2-3 week tan and I couldn't wait to test it. The pump action nozzle delivered a fine spray of mousse but you have to rub it in quickly or it can stain. I'm sure not everyone has to stop to take a blog photo first so you probably won't have this problem ;). I like gel formulations better but this is a personal preference, it wasn't any trouble to apply at all. It is tinted so you can see where you have applied and I'm not sure if it has a discernible scent as my nose was blocked at the time, but from reading other reviews apparently there is no biscuity smell. The residue remained sticky and I didn't think it dried very quickly at all. You're supposed to leave it on for at least three hours before showering and I left mine on for over a whole day. Out of all the brands we have tested so far I think this was the most informative with lots of instructions on the bottle as well as a little leaflet explaining how to apply on different areas of your body.

This photo was taken a few days later and my results are non existent - it's the arm on the bottom that had the tan applied but you can't see a difference despite two applications. What I did notice the next day after I washed it away was that I had some red/orange tones to my arm but nothing I would call a tan. Would the results have been different if I had used a darker shade? Not sure, however it seems from the other reviews in the TFWOC project that almost everyone had similar results. Do check them out!

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Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tanning Mousse (£37.50 for 125ml) is available in 3 shades and can be bought via their website and can also be found in Boots.

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