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grr argh

How amazing is the concept and cover of this book?! Bought this at a charity shop today and I can't wait to read it.

My big box of hair products came today and I seriously won't need to buy shampoo/conditioner for the next year. I've only got 11 days to test them out so I got crackalacking with the Aussie Mega shampoo + conditioner.
Containing Kangaroo Paw flower (sounds weird no?), this shampoo is for getting rid of buildup and leaves your hair super duper clean, which in turn makes it shinier. Well my hair is still wet so I won't know for sure if it's worked until tommorow but I can feel my hair is silkier than usual already. Plus I can't stop smelling my hair, it smells so good! I was surprised about this, it's akin to Herbal Essences (but hopefully without the dandruff that HE gives me!)

p.s. I got fed up of trying to design my own layout and succumbed to a shabbyblog one

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  1. lmao @ the book! It looks cool!

    Oh please stop using Herbal Essences... those products have the WORST ingredients you could ever put in a shampoo :(

  2. I never use Herbal Essences, they give me really bad dandruff, but I looooooove how they smell. What are the bad ingredients?

  3. Can't wait to hear about the results of the shampoo (",)

    ...Oh and good luck xXx


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