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Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Colour Palette

I managed to blag this for a mere tenner from a forum but I think the Makeup Gods thought this was too much of a bargain and decided to punish me for it. It arrived in the post in pieces, decorating the inside of the envelope like a rainbow. It had only been used once or twice previously but there were now sizeable chunks missing as the seller hadn't secured the shadows properly. However I wasn't too disheartened because there is still a lot of product left and a MAC mineralize shadow had been included to make up for the delay in postage.

The shadow on the bottom far right is actually Jade.

I placed these in the wrong order. The bottom row from L-R is: Chartreuse, Cosmic Violet and Amethyst.

Unfortunately this post is going to be short as I haven't really had time to experiment with this palette as much as I'd like to. All I can say is that I absolutely love it! The palette is very similar to the Kryolan Aquaolour one in terms of the layout but I know I will definitely use this much more.

The shadows are intense and highly pigmented. My favourites are Azalea and Cosmic Blue (the ones which were damaged the most - whyyyyy!). There are so many different looks that can be created with this, I just don't know where to start...


  1. oooh lucky you- i know its broken slightly but there is tonnes of use left in it, itll stil take ages b4 u hit pan ryt?? i wanted this pallet for ages now, heard theres a place in london, might pay it a visit sn, cant wait to see the look u cum up wit x

  2. I never ever ever saw the fascination with these palettes because to me, it didn't look like the colours would suit me.

    Thanks to your swatches I have been converted and will be trying to buy this in the future.



  3. @Inner Belle - yeh there's loads left! You can get them at Charles Fox and Screen Face in Covent Garden :) x x

    @Rhamnousia - you should be cursing me as this palette will leave you 50quid out of pocket! But it is lovely and all the colours are wearable, surprisingly even the tangerine one x x

  4. Fab bargain. Shame about it being dmanaged in the post, the seller should have used her common sense. Which forum did you bag it on?

  5. It's mostly for clothes rather than make up but I got it from here: http://community.livejournal.com/thriftstoreuk/


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