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Misa Nail Lacquers

When I was studying at LCF, I was based at the glamourous(!) Hackney campus on Mare St and across the road was a nail beauty supply store. I can't be sure but I swear they used to sell OPI, but as I was never interested in nail polishes I never went to check it out. Last week I got my hair cut nearby and decided to pay a visit. There are mostly wholesale products but the back wall of the shop has a very large display of Misa nail polishes. I had never heard of the brand before but they looked great and I figured why not?

I chose 2 colours (which I can't remember the name of, I'm sorry!) and a non yellowing base/top coat called Breakneck.

I like that the glass bottle is chunky and the lid is the same as OPI's. You also get the same amount of polish as OPI - 15ml, but at a fraction of the price. These were £2.50 each!

I've been wearing this lovely nude mauve colour for the past week and so far it's been great. It hasn't faded or chipped and I love the glossy finish. I will definitely go back for more but I don't think I would purchase the base/top coat because it peels off so easily (or maybe it was old stock - who knows?).

But if you are ever in East London (it's a short bus ride from Bethnal Green station), it would be worthwhile to check this shop out.

USA Nails & Beauty Supply.
235 Mare St
London E8. 3NS

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