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Review: Charles Worthington Refresh & Revive dry shampoo

I usually wear my hair straight and when I do, the roots get greasy very quickly. As I only wash my hair every other day, I rely on dry shampoo between washes and my usual Batiste dry shampoo just wasn't cutting it.  My hair is jet black, and it just looked as if I had powdered my scalp with talcum powder - it was very hard to brush out. I know Batiste have brought out a range of coloured dry shampoos but I can't find them anywhere so I picked this up instead.

Refresh & Revive dry shampoo is from Charles Worthington's new Front Row range and here is what the man himself has to say about the collection:
"Together with the art team, I have worked to create products not only suitable for use backstage, but perfect for translating catwalk looks into everyday life".
The range is fronted by the beautiful Leigh Lezark who has been named the campaign abassasdor, and is seen here modelling looks created with Front Row products.

Photos taken from  Make me Front Row
I must admit that the only reason I bought this was because I couldn't find anything else on the shelf in terms of dry shampoo. Plus I really like the packaging and the design. If you peel back the cover, there's some styling tips and a snazzy print.

Three products from the range feature limited edition prints designed by the fashion designer Erdem, who is responsible for these beauties below.

Photos taken from Style.com
The dry shampoo itself is really good as it is very very fine and is  easy to brush through, without leaving any white marks behind. It soaked up the grease in my hair easily and left it looking clean. It can also be used to create texture and give your hair some volume (e.g when back combing). Here is a photo of how fine it is compared to Batiste.

Both were sprayed from half an arms length and as you can see Batiste sprays thickly, whilst Refresh & Revive sprays like deodorant (I sprayed  a large amount but only a small section showed up on camera).
However as good as it is, I'm not sure I will be repurchasing this because I think it smells like cheap unbranded teenage deodorant. For such a great product I don't understand why they didn't make it smell nicer? I am quite sensitive to smells so maybe others won't mind so much, but i prefer Bastite's clean smelling scent over this one.
If you would like to buy this, it is available from Boots at £5.99 (or wait until it goes on special offer like I did!).


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