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Everyday Minerals Haul

I had never heard of Everyday Minerals until I read this post by Bubblegarm. I had a look at their website and decided that I "needed" a new blusher brush to fit in my makeup bag and that the Long Handled Kabuki brush was the one for me.

It's a synthetic brush and is incredibly soft and dense. Perhaps a tad too much because I find it hard to control the application of my blusher. However in it's defence, Everyday Minerals do say that this brush is suited for cheek, base and face powders. I do love how dinky it is and I use it throughout the day to top up my blusher. I just take extra care not to apply with my usual gusto.

With my order, I was given the option to add one of their Try Me kits for free. I chose the Peach blush kit which was made up of 3 small sample jars.

From left to right: Tea Time, All Smiles and Summer Stroll.

This is my first experience with mineral makeup of any kind and I don't know what to think yet. The powder is very finely milled and application can be tricky for fear of inhaling most of the product! The sample jars are rubbish because you're supposed to tip the powder in the lid, then swirl your brush around, but this is a mean feat considering the lid is about an inch in diameter. That said I quite like "All Smiles" - the other two don't show up that great. I know mineral is better than traditionl makeup in the sense that they don't have preservatives, parabens and other nasty irritants but when it comes to blusher, I'm not too concerned about this as it's not something I wear all over my face.

I wouldn't purchase a full sized product but I would go back for more brushes as I think they're good quality and inexpensive. The long handled kabuki brush was $10 and shipping came to about $4 so my total was about £8/9? Not bad at all.

p.s. who is loving the snow?

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