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Review: Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Benefit says: "This little kit with BIG results is all you need to define, contour and enhance your eyes. We've included everything you need to "go pro" with the perfect shades and tools to create that coveted contour look that everyone loves. You'll thank us later".

This little kit includes boi-ing concealer in shade 02, alabaster pink base shadow, cocoa shimmer countour shadow, rich chocolate brown liner shadow and a mini concealer brush and double ended contour and liner brush. It also comes with a leaflet with illustrated step by step instructions which you can view here.

Swatches which were taken with flash.

Blah....the end result after following the step by step instructions.

My verdict: I admit I lazily applied the base shadow (note the fallout) but the contour shadow is not pigmented enough to show up on top of the base. Neither is the dark brown liner eyeshadow. So the overall effect is washed out and quite poor. The concealer is a shade too light for me (though you can also use it as a primer) and felt cakey. The brushes weren't too great - they were okay but useful if you haven't any brushes of your own. The only thing I liked were the illustrated instructions which are great for beginners who want to learn how to contour.

I don't rate this kit much but think it would be better suited to those with fairer skin perhaps. Also it is quite expensive at £21.50 which I would rather spend on the gorgeous Natural Eye Kit by Too Faced.


  1. this is a great review,
    i was thinking of buying this but was worried about the exact problem you had here, the pigmentation of the darker shades! Thank you :)

  2. The shadows are great on their own (especially the pink base) but don't fare well over each other.

  3. Thanks for the review! I was going to buy this because it sounded really good, but it kinda looked like a standard 2 shade eyecolour palette..just a bit fancier..

    Judging from your photo's it seems I'm better off using my standard mono eye shadows.

    Really glad I found your blog- Not getting it anymore Xx


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