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Alphabet tote bag

I am not an Urban Outfitters person. I think the majority of their clothes are poor quality and ridiculously overpriced. I mean £32 for a bog standard Nirvana tee shirt? No... just no.

Their accessories on the other hand I can't get enough of, as well as their gifts/home section. I bought this alphabet tote bag last week in the sale for a fiver (though it was marked £7). As much as I love the look of designer handbags, I prefer to carry a tote as I don't have to worry about it getting dirty/damaged/lost etc.

This one is perfect and personalised just for me - or anyone else who has a name beginning with 'T'. They also have loads more styles on alphabetbags.com (where it's originally from) though you could easily DIY.


  1. I used to love those bags!! But I find they always begin to wear away with the way I use bags! Lol! xx

  2. @Stephanie Daly - I know! I would have never paid the RRP of £16 :\ x

    @Sana - They get grubby easily but they're cheap and easily replaceable :D x


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