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Hand Cream - my handbag essential

I hardly carry any makeup in my bag, just a black pencil liner but I ALWAYS make sure I have hand cream. For me, there's nothing worse than having dry crusty hands!

I wash my hands a lot more during my working week. I take the tube to work and have to hold onto rails with lots of sneezy/coughy people. I don't even want to think about what else could be on those rails. Also as I'm on the computer all day, I wash my hands everytime I eat and the handwash at work is very drying.

I have tried a lot of different hand creams but these are the ones I'm currently using:

Dr Organic Rose Otto Hand & Nail Cream - If you like the smell of rosewater then you'll love this one. It's a very rich but effective cream and is paraben/sls free. It has lots of natural ingredients such as rose flower oil, olive oil, geranium oil and clove oil which is why I suspect it's so moisturising. The tube is huge and you really only need a little blob of the thick cream. Any more and it would leave your hands feeling greasy. I even use this on my elbows as it's good for rough skin too. (£6.69 for 125ml).

L'Occitane Fleur Chérie Hand Cream - This cream on the other hand is the total opposite, very light and the consistency much thinner. If you suffer from very dry hands then I wouldn't say this is the best hand cream for you. Even though it contains shea butter and grape seed oil, it's not very moisturising and  I use this mostly during summer. It does however smell really nice - a light floral scent. Mine is the 30ml travel size which was free in a magazine but is otherwise £7. I prefer their shea butter version but I think I'll wait for another magazine promo to get one.

What is your favourite hand cream?


  1. i love a good hand cream, these smell delish. wish i remembered to use them though ;) i'm terrible! xxx

  2. I have a few hand creams, including the Fleur Cherie one but am not very good at remembering to reapply them. I really like Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - the one for hands though, not the original one - and Aveda Hand Relief.

  3. I'm exactly the same! I have hand cream in every single bag I own, I can't be without it because my hands get so horribly dry. The Fleur Cherie one feels expensive but doesn't really do much, I agree. I might try a Palmers one next! xx

  4. @citygirlsfashionbox - I rarely used to use hand cream but I now make the concious effort after I got fed up with my raggedy cuticles (eww) xx

    @Becky - I've never tried the 8hour cream one but it sounds good? xx

    @Dani - Terribly expensive for only 30ml but I spose it is L'Occitane... Do you mean Palmers cocoa butter? I love how rich they are but I can't stand the smell! xx

  5. Great post! hand cream s a must for me too, I love the smell and consistency of soap and glory's hand food :)

  6. you really need these in the winter!
    check it out

  7. I agree, hand cream is essential, especially at this time of year! I use soap and glory hand cream right now. xoxo


  8. L'Occitane Fleur Chérie Hand Cream - I like it. Floral, soft like the muted pinky peach packaging. and I like how the Jasmine comes off. The back of the box reads "sparkling floral with a woodsy trail" or something like that, and it's a good description. I love the design of this line.Great lasting power.

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