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New year, red hair

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Just before the new year I decided to go red (inspired by Lina's hair from Make up to Make out). Well... just the ends of my hair as they were already bleached. It looks more like a reddy brown - a subtle change but noticeable to me.

Also wanted to announce the winner of my Dr Ogranics giveaway. Congratulations to Sami! Will be contacting you shortly :)

P.S. The sales were absolute pants this year and I hardly bought a thing.


  1. NICE! i love it! its just the perfect shade i think xxxx

  2. I like it, like City Girs Fashion Box said, I think it's the perfect shade for you..looks very natural and isn't that garish shade that the wannabe Indian barbies dye their hair.

    I haven't dyed my hair since I was at uni, I'm getting it cut soon so I might get some naturalish lowlights put in..I quite like what Tyra Banks has done to hers in the first episode of ANTM series 15.

  3. I'm tempted to go red this year... love how you've done it at the ends :)

    PS// Topshop Nail Polish Giveaway over at mine :)

  4. @City Girls Fashion Box - thankye :D xx

    @Rhamnousia - Yeh I was trying to stay natural. This is actually the first time I've EVER dyed my hair! (it was only just bleached before). I haven't seen Tyra's hair but do put some pics up when you get it done, sounds lovely xx

    @walkthesand - I did the ends because all over would be hard to maintain for someone so lazy as myself! You should go for it :)

  5. Love this colour, especially on darker hair!

  6. Lover the way your hair turned out!


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