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Keep cool and carry on

It's been really hot and muggy here over the past few days and keeping my hair up is one of the best ways I've found to keep cool. There's nothing worse than a hot and sweaty neck (so gross!), especially on the tube AKA sauna. Ponytails look awful with my shapeless long hair but I do love a braided up do.

This is the "style" I've been sporting today, really easy and great for when your hair is a tad greasy and won't sit right. Just divide your hair and form two plaits - one on either side. Then wind each plait around your head making both ends meet in the middle then pin into place. This video will show you what I mean. My ends are quite wispy so it doesn't look brill and I couldn't pin it any further forward but it'll do me fine. Don't mind the halo of frizz, got caught in the rain today :)


  1. That looks so pretty!
    I definitely want to try it after the fast. I'm wearing scarves at the moment (hijab) so it's kinda of pointless but definitely after... It's also perfect for Summer!

    Hope you're fasting well!


  2. Tass you are so pretty! You have the most beautiful eyes. I love the hair, keep meaning to try it out but haven't got round to it. Have my fringe back now so may give it a go! x

  3. That looks so pretty! I could never do anything like that xx

  4. This looks gorgeous! I can't wait until my hairs long enough to do something like this with!

    Gem x

  5. @Laiqah - yay do it, it's the best summer hairdo ever xx

    @The Postcolonial Rabbit - aw thanks Naz, you're making me blush! It would deffo look great with your fringe, mines all grown out xx

    @Lovelain94 - Give it a go, it's not very hard :)

    @Gem - They've got lots of short hair braided styles on youtube if you have a look x

  6. this looks really good on you! Once again, I'm envious of your flawless skin xxx

  7. this is such a fantastic hairstyle hun & looks lovely on you! been wanting to try it out for yonks but not sure if it would work on my hair :/ may give it another go!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. Aww, thanks! I guess it just looks bad compared to professional ones! And I really like this hair style :)

  9. Love braided hair but I am rubbish at them! Must practise more :) Xx


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