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Sleek Pout Paint in Rosette

I've been eagerly anticipating the release of these new lip paints from Sleek and I was surprised to see my local Superdrug had them in store already (they're supposed to be launched on the 3rd August).

If I recall correctly there are about 11 colours to choose from but I played it safe and went for a fairly safe pink called Rosette. It was £4.99 for 8ml which I thought was a little expensive but like it says on the back "a little goes a long way!".

First impression was not brilliant as what first came out of the tube was clear liquid. The paint itself is thinner than I expected nor is it as pigmented as I thought it would be but I like having the option of wearing a lip colour sheer or building it up to my preference. It's has the consistency of a non sticky gloss and the finish is slightly shiny.

To see what it looks like on please click here. After 4 hours sleep I look frigging awful and didn't want to post my face here but at the same time I wanted to show you what it looks like on.

I'm not totally bowled over by these lip paints and I don't think I'll be buying any other colour but I think the idea is cool, especially how you can mix and make your own shades using the blue and white lip paints. Me? I think I'll use Rosette as a base to deepen some very light and almost unwearable lipsticks I've got. On the other hand I love the new Sleek displays and I'm looking forward to buying the new "Suede" blush as soon as I can find it in stock!


  1. They had these in my local Superdrug as well when I picked up some Sleek bits at the weekend. I'm not sure I like these, have seen a couple of reviews and am umming and ahhing! x


  2. The 5 shades that I tried out were scarily pigmented but I can see what you're saying as Rosette seems pretty average :/

  3. I really like the colour on you! I think i will try them xx

  4. @Evelyn - I don't like it as much as I thought I would :( xx

    @Get Gawjus - That's why I was slightly disappointed as all the reviews I've seen, the colours have been really pigmented. Maybe not all of them are the same?? xx

    @Make up by Yass - I like the other peachy and purple colours they have but I thought I'd stick to what I know best xx

  5. Oh, that good that you got it early, not sure about it either. I think you would need all of them for it to be worth it xx


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