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Nail dilemmas

Wedding prep stress has finally caught up with me hence the lack of posts and because it's Ramadan, I just don't have the energy or will to blog when I get home from work. I wanted to post this about two weeks ago but haven't had the chance!

With the "big day" (*scoff*) about 6 weeks away I'm more worried about little things like how I want my nails. I haven't been blessed with the most delicate/feminine hands, mine are fat and stubby! I also have very small nail beds and even when I grow them out they look irregular and just not picture perfect.

I bought some falsies from Boots to see how they'd look and even though they were extra short, I had to file them down like a mother so they wouldn't look ridiculous. They're not as natural looking as I'd like them to be which bugs me but the length gives the appearance of elongated fingers. Also I'm stumped about what colour they should be. I don't like french tips so I was veering towards a natural-ish pink but it's hard to find one that looks good for my skin tone. Nearly all of the nude or pale pink polishes which are marketed as suitable for a wedding are way too light or pastelly for me.

I found this set of O.P.I minis in TKMaxx and "Pinking of You" was a bit too bright so I layered Ciate's "My Fair Lady" which came free with Marie Claire and the end result was as above. I'm not totally won over but this is the best I've come up with yet. I'm sorely tempted to rock some glitter nails or a bright pink but will this look tacky in the photos and will I regret it 20 years down the line? Decisions, decisions........


  1. Hey, just a tip; maybe try some 'petite' falsies 'cause they may fit your nails better! :] x

  2. I like the colour of your nails in the pic! Pinking of you and My fair lady look good together! :D Also, like Jenny said, try the petite false nails! :) 6 weeks till you get married!! Ahhhh xxx

  3. I think that the colour of these nails are fine, if not, I think you may be best talking to a professional about what to do or walking in to a drugstore and going through all the brands to find the colours, good luck and I hope you have a great day xx

  4. Wow not long left! I'd say, go for something simple - and let your outfit and your makeup stand out :) xx

  5. Oh wow, six weeks! so exciting!

    Pale pinks for our skintone are really tricky. It does look quite nice, but personally, I think I'd prefer a nude with a subtle sparkle - I'm thinking OPI Tickle My Francey with one coat of China Glaze Fairy Lights. Otherwise something mauvey - like Essie Demure Vixen. Something a bit different, but still pretty and subtle.

    What colour is your dress? Are you opting for a major blinging number? x

  6. @Jenny - I'll have a look out but I thought these would be okay considering they are extra short.

    @Sriya - ahhhh i know! lol xxx

    @Lovelain94 - I've had a look but I don't think there's much variety :(

    @roshas - argh I haven't decided on my makeup yet either! xxx

    @The Postcolonial Rabbit - I'm wearing an ivory dress with diamante beading on the top area only so not a lot of bling really. It's hard to find something pretty and subtle but I'm going to google the ones you've just recommended. Thanks lovely! xxx

  7. I really like this pink! Hope you find the perfect one for the to-be amazing day :) Xx


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