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Eid shopping

Eid Mubarak to those who were celebrating yesterday. It was my first Eid with my husband, away from my family and it felt really strange. However I met up with my sister yesterday afternoon for a wee shopping trip in Westfield. It was rammed as always so we only hit H&M, Boots & MAC.

Primark PJ's FTW!

I was spurred on by Laiqah's post and finally bought Impassioned. It's very bright so think I'll only whip this out on special occasions for now, but hopefully will get lots of wear during summer. As you can tell I also treated myself to a long awaited haircut. No longer do I feel bedraggled and boring, but light headed and like my hair is healthy again :)

As usual I loved nearly everything in H&M but I only walked away with these really comfy winter boots. They're not real leather but they're very sturdy and the insoles are sooooo soft. Can't see them online but they're £29.99. I only bought a pair of boots two months ago but I managed to ruin them. I got caught in the biggest rainstorm ever where the streets/pavement flooded and I unavoidably stepped in a puddle that reached mid shin. The boots took 4 days to fully dry out but they now stink to high heaven of dirty rain/drain water. I only managed to wear them twice, gutted!! Fingers crossed this pair lasts.

Anyhoo I'm now on my way back to my cold and internet-less flat (damn you Sky and your long activation date). Catch you soon! xx


  1. Ha because of me! ^_^
    Impassioned looks GORGEOUS on you love! So stunning, glad that you bought it... Looks really lovely!
    Your cute hair cut makes me want to cut my hair! Looks so light and easy.
    And those boots I love.
    Eid Mubarak to you for Sunday honey!

  2. Noooo don't cut your beautiful long hair (mA)! I've been meaning to buy Impassioned for so long and your post gave me that little nudge to do so ;) xx

  3. Love the fact you bought Impassioned, every beauty blogger needs this lipstick in their life! It suits you perfectly by the way xo

  4. That's a great lippie colour, it looks great on you x

  5. haha I totally want Impassioned partially because of Laiqah!!!


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