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I love my...

Converses oh yes I do! No matter how many pairs of heels I lust over I always return to my faithful Chucks (my second favourite is the Bass kind *swoon*). I wear these almost everyday and in every season. They're so versatile and go with everything. I love wearing them with black tights and dresses so I don't feel so dolled up. But my favourite way to wear them is with a pair of skinnies. Simple!

I have about three pairs, these green hi tops, a pair of white low ones and a navy/white low pair but next on my wish list are some grey ones. How many pairs do you have and what colours?


  1. Love your green ones!
    I've got a pair of navy one's at the back of my wardrobe... Definitely need to wear them more often!

  2. PS... Thank you so much for your recommendation for MAC Dainty. Its such a beauty... I've worn it everyday since getting it! :)

  3. I need to get me a pair.. I just imagined them with black tights and a dress like you described and I think I'm sold :)))

  4. Love the colour of those! I've never owned a pair of converse which just seems crazy - this needs to be addressed!

  5. @Laiqah - My first ever pair were navy, I wore them until my toe poked through the front! I knew you wouldn't regret Dainty xx

    @Maryam @Harriet - Get some!! Everyone needs a pair in their life xx


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