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Westfield buys

Easing myself back into regular blogging and showing what I bought today during my after work trip to Westfield Stratford. I love that it's only 10 minutes away from me but equally loathe the way it's always rammed. Why are the walkways so narrow? Shepherd's Bush is so much better!

Anyway I digress, here are my buys:

Lush Snow Fairy: I always read on other blogs about how great this shower gel is and I couldn't fathom why something so lurid pink had everyones attention every Christmas, especially since whenever I sniffed the bottle it didn't seem anything special. I decided to buy a small bottle and try it out for myself and wow I'm converted!! It smells deliciously sweet, kind of like those raspberry panda pop drinks but even better the scent stays on your skin after you've showered. I really like it but not sure if I would buy another bottle seeing as it's £5.95 for 250ml. Expensive for someone who usually buys their shower gels for a quid!

Topshop Nail Art Pen: I saw these online the other day when Topshop were doing free delivery but I disregarded them as I thought they would be crap. I wasn't impressed by the WAH nails/Models Own one and assumed this would be along the same lines. Then I saw this post by Gem Fatale and decided that I had to have them. I went in wanting pink but walked out with "Nightrider" black which I'm sort of regretting now. Haven't used it yet as I haven't had time to paint my nails today but I have high hopes for this.

Kiko Creamy Lipstick: Never heard of this brand until recently but I went in to have a nosey and really liked the look of their lippies. I bought #399 which is a sort of rose petal pink? It swatched beautifully in store but after trying it on my lips at home I'm uncertain. I like the matte rubber case which makes it looks more expensive than £5.90 but the actual lipstick is a bit of a let down. It's thin and very "slippy", like cheapo lipsticks and I just feel a bit short changed. I certainly won't be buying any again but their eyeshadows looked really good, there were loads of metallic glittery which ones caught my eye.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know if you're a Snow Fairy fan!


  1. Just had me a Snow Fairy bath!! It actually creates some really lovely bubbles too! Love, love, love it & have to control myself greatly not to eat it...its smells THAT good!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  2. Great buys,I love ur blog am a new follower!

  3. I want one of the Lush snow fairy wands (that Aysh has) - so cute and you get a few uses out of one! It's a lovely smell, though I prefer Lush's vanilla/cocoa scents.

    The Kiko lippies didn't really appeal - I definitely agree their strength is in eye products. Nail polishes are good too! (And I love Stratford Westfield, I like that they have a Primark! But a House of Fraser would've been nice).

    Read GemFatale's review of the Topshop nail pens - they sound amazing! I've never been keen on the metal nib nail art pens so these look so great!


  4. @Aysh - haha you're not the only one. I was once tempted to eat Lush's rock star soap! I don't really like baths but I may be tempted to get a wand, it just smells so good.

    @Sharon - aw thank you :) x

    @Naz - I wish they had a Debenhams too! I am not a John Lewis kinda girl so it's a bit disappointing on the department store end. I'll probably try an eyeshadow from Kiko but honestly everything else doesn't really appeal. If only there was also an Inglot...

    I'm going to email you this weekend about Kindle stuff! xx

  5. I love Lush products especially the gorgeous soap. I like the way you can smell the shop even before you see it!

  6. My gran loves Snow Fairy, she will buy two big big bottles! Personally i think it smells like Calpol (sp?) but i get the attraction lol. Please do a post on the TS nail art pens! xxx

  7. Ooh I like the look of the nail art pen!! ;)

  8. @miss b - I'm not really a massive fan of Lush and the way the shop smells actually puts me off, I find it too overwhelming but I really really like Snow Fairy!

    @CGFB - Your Gran has great taste :P It does smell like Calpol but that's okay coz I happen to like that too. Will review the nail pen soon xx

    @Shortiee31 - It's smaller than it looks, was really surprised but hoping to use it in a NOTD soon xx


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