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Winter warmers

I swear I buy a new hat and gloves every winter but whenever the next year comes around they're nowhere to be seen. My massive bobble hat is last season Topshop via eBay and I paid £10 instead of the RRP of £16 but even that is a rip off. It keeps my head and ears warm but the quality is similar to Primark which I wouldn't mind if it wasn't 4x the price. Not cool Topshop, sort it out.

Primark have some great winter things at the moment. These fleece lined mittens were £4 and are soooo soft and warm I never want to take them off. They render your hands completely useless because you can't do anything with them on but they're worth it. Also bought this furry water bottle for a fiver to warm up my bed. My flat is so cold that my nose runs if I don't put the heating on, especially in the ice box bedroom :(:( I've been googling heat saving tips and am really tempted to get window quilts and bubble wrap my windows, sounds crazy but I'm fed up of being cold and miserable.

ugh, only 5 months until Summer!!


  1. Those mittens are so cute! I love winter clothes, I just hate the fact that winter comes with it :-)

  2. Adorable hat and mittens! Looks so cosy!
    Your cold weather sounds awful... I can't live without my hot water bottle in winter. I won't brag about how lovely Summer is at the moment in SA! :)
    You and Hubs should come to Cape Town :)

  3. Those gloves look amazing - very warm and soft looking, and a great price too!

    Shame the hat wasn't quite a good value.

  4. i need mittens like that!!! ny winters are no joke :( brrrr

  5. I'm always cold, always have my heating on so my house is pretty warm, i do feel for you! Love the hat and mitts! x


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