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Make Believe Self Tan Lotion With Bronzer #TFWOC

For a natural looking tan with instant colour.

You will achieve an immediate glowing tan with makebelieve Self Tan Lotion with Bronzer. It is very easy to apply and can be washed off to reveal a longer-lasting tan after 4 hours.

This light moisturising lotion is includes a Lipo-Care Complex of ingredients that keeps the skin toned and supple and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The unique blend of Rainforest Oils intensely moisturises and conditions the skin and help make this product easy to apply. Anti-Oxidants and fruit extracts also help protect the skin against the signs of ageing.

Over the last week I have been testing out Make Believe's self tanning lotion with bronzer. Make Believe have been very generous in also sending a tinted moisturiser and bronzer to review which will be posted separately over the upcoming weeks.

Up to now the TFWOC group have been reviewing wash off tans and this is my first ever experience of a gradual tanner. As a complete tanning novice I was kind of expecting the usual things I had read about when tanning like biscuit smells, stained sheets etc. I'm pleased to say that it was nothing of the sort.

Another chocolate resembling lotion, this smelled absolutely delicious and I couldn't stop sniffing. Wafts of sugary vanilla - no biscuits here! A glove was provided in the box and although a thoughtful addition it proved to be very ineffective as I ended up with streaks. If I had had the foresight to buy a tanning mitt I would have used one but my hand was just as good and they didn't end up stained either.

The best thing about this product was the addition of the bronzer so I could see where I had applied and where I needed to. It didn't really sink into my skin and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to but my legs stayed sticky and I had to wait until they dried before I could go on with my day. This might have been because I used a body butter immediately before applying but it was a bit annoying.

It only takes a couple of hours for the colour to develop but I only saw a difference in colour the next day. It's subtle and isn't very noticeable in artificial light but in natural lighting there's a definite golden glow. I think it's almost like my skin tone but better? The above photo was taken about 5 days after application and I hope you can tell it's my right leg which is tanned. It has started to fade nicely with no patches so far (thankfully). It does say that you can reapply for a deeper colour which I would definitely do.

The self tan lotion with bronzer retails for £24.50 and is available on Make Believe's website where they have an extensive range of tanning products. Watch out for my review of their tinted moisturiser tomorrow.

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