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Shoe Lust

Image: my-wardrobe.com

I saw these Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes in the shoe section of Topshop on Oxford St last week and I WANT. I love the multicoloured bow and the teeny peep toe - plus they smell like sweeties!

Now what are the chances I can rustle up £85 down the back of my sofa?


  1. How cute are those, love VW! x

  2. They're gorgeous arent they? I wanted some of the high heeled ones, but I'm scared of wearing plasticy shoes! haha. x

  3. They are SO comfy! and they smell of sweets!! i promise you, by some! i've practically worn them everyday!xxxx

  4. Oh I love these and so wish I could find that money behind my sofa ;)

    xo Lynzy

  5. OMG, the bow is sooo adorable..I WANT!!

  6. These are so cute and so comfortable, I'd keep an eye out for a discount code though - they're on asos so you could probably get 20% off at some point.

  7. @E is for Eleanor - Me too! Whenever I think of plastic shoes, I think of sweaty feet eeep xx

    @City Girls Fashion Box - I will deffo get them....if they ever go on sale!

    @Becky - oo thanks for that, I'll keep an eye out xx


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