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Barry M Nail Paint in 'Yellow'

So with the release of Chanel's Mimosa, it seems that the new colour for summer is yellow and I'm glad because I LOVE bright nails and there's nothing brighter than the colour of the sun.

I'm sure there are many dupes out there but I went for the easiest yellow I could find - good old realiable Barry M.

I'm keeping my finger nails bare at the moment as they're peeling like crazy. No one wants to see someone else's feet so hopefully my sandal encased ones won't offend too much. This banana coloured polish needs to be applied on a smooth nail bed otherwise you'll need at least four coats like I did, because any ridges/imperfections will show up.

Despite being a 4 coater to become fully opaque, I can't wait to rock this colour on my finger nails.

Will you be following the yellow trend this summer?


  1. Wow what a gorgeous summery colour :) xx

  2. @roshas - definitely :) xx

    @Yass - me tooo xx

  3. That looks so good with your skin tone! I need a tan before I try yellow lol. xx

  4. I've bought this recently, looks lovely! x

  5. What a great blog! You are so inspirational! If you get the time to check out my blog I would love to hear your opinions, I'd really appreciate it!

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  6. I'm loving yellow nails at the moment too! It really suits you :)

  7. I've been loving yellow lately and have been on the hunt for a crazy bright one! Great post :)

  8. That colour is so pretty. It is bright but it looks really good with your skin tone.

    I think it will look stunning on your nails.

    Peg x

  9. That color looks awesome with your shoes, I love the contrast!

  10. @Jo - Aw really? I think it would look good on any skintone? I'm scared of pastel yellow though xx

    @Evelyn @Rach @DaintyMakeup - thank you xx

    @Ailah - If you find any other yellows, I'd love to see em! xx

    @Peg - Can't wait to wear this on my nails xx

    @Barttart - One of the reasons I bought these sandals is because bright polishes look awesome with them lol xx

  11. So bright and summery, looks great on your toes! x

  12. That colour is so gorgeous on you! I think you can get away with brighter colours on your toes than your hands somehow, but it'd look great on fingers too!

  13. ..I never tried yellow before but I definately will ..looks gorgeous ..


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