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Dotty P's and other things

Really impressed with Dorothy Perkins at the moment, especially their jeans. Obviously you can't see them properly in this photo but I'm in love with their "super skinny" jeans range. They're such good quality and not thin and elasticy as most skinnies seem to be these days. Best of all they're on promotion for £25 right now.

I also bought these flats as my New Look ones are now battered and the soles were so thin, I may as well have been walking barefoot. They were not made for walking as they had no arch support and my calves were really starting to hurt. This pair from Dotty P's has a thicker sole and a small (maybe 1/2 cm) square heel which makes a lot of difference. They have so many nice summer shoes in there, I just couldn't decide which ones to get. I'm still undecided on these, I may go back and exchange them, not sure yet.

In other news, it's been really quiet on the blog front as we have moved whilst our whole house is being renovated for the next 3 months. 5 people and 2 cats in a small 3 bed flat is no fun at all, I'll tell you that.

My cats have gone mental, especially Blanche (the deaf white one) who has hidden under my bed for the past 4 days and hisses at everything that moves. In his distress he also peed on the carpet directly under my bed!! :(

Harry on the other hand spends all day with his nose pressed up against the glass (hence the major smudge marks) looking at birds in the tree in our new garden.

I should start posting again normally once our internet reconnects later this week. In the meantime, God bless the dude who didn't password protect his WiFi!

See you soon xxx


  1. I absolutely love the shoes! They're such a beautiful colour that would go with everything! xx

  2. @Nic - They also come in black, leopard print, grey, navy and red! xx

  3. such a cool pair of flats:)love color and love them!like your nice blog..
    Follow mine if you like it?i'll do the same back,i'd be happy to follow each other..kiss


  4. Those flats are adorable! Love them!

  5. LOVEEE the skinnies so so so much. Most comfy jeans ever! Loving your shoesies too! xx

  6. LOL @ the guy next door!!

    I NEED those shoes!!! xxxx

  7. Love dotty p's, those flats are so pretty, love the colour, wish I could wear flats but I'm way too short lol! x

  8. *sigh* best put them on my {wish list}:)

  9. aww poor u, poor blanche,harry seems to be lovin it thoxx

  10. Very cute shoes.. I may have to go in and check it out! ;)
    Ps. Regarding the my POW nails post.. I did do the lettering before the dots but just didn't leave enough space haha! I use a dotting tool for the dots which REALLY help! Xx

  11. Great shoes, love the shade. Perfect for wearing with jeans too!

  12. I've been a big fan of DP jeans for years..they aren't too low rise for a start so no muffin tops and they make them for girls who aren't 5ft 10"! Another tip is Matalan own brand skinny jeans..sounds hideous but actually a really, really good fit and they do several lengths.

  13. @SabrinaT & @Laiqah & @lucie - I love them toooooo

    @Sana - I knowww! I shoulda followed you and bought several pairs but I still can't find black ones in my size!! xx

    @citygirlsfashionbox - hehe they're dusky pink

    @stylefrost - no way you're too short, flats are for everyone :) xx

    @asian wedding ideas - they're only £23 so not too expensive :)

    @amina lol yeh he deffo is!

    @Shortiee31 - The POW nails were really good, I used some nail art pens and I couldn't get even polka dots :(

    @Eve - I'll probably get them dirty very quickly but I love the shade :)

    @BBB - I never knew about DP, I can't believe I've been missing out all these years! I tried some Matalan skinnies years ago and hey were awful but it may have been because they were REALLY cheap

  14. I love DP !!!
    i've got the exact same shoes but leopard print :)

  15. Lovely shoes :)

    New follower by the way and I have to say that you have a lovely blog. Do check out mine sometime :)

  16. love it, so perfect


  17. I have never seen a purple flats as cute as these!

    Btw, I stumbled across your blog.. nice blog you have filled with beautiful pictures. I'm glad I have discovered your blog.

    Btw, let's follow each other. I'm following you
    already. I'm your #177th follower. Followed me back?
    I will be happy if you do the same to me, too!


  18. Those bows on the shoes are so cute

  19. I love those shoes, the color is so pretty and the bows really "make" the shoes. They look so comfy too! xoxo


  20. Cute flats! I've never tried anything from Dorothy Perkins before because we don't have their stores around here..

    Sorry to hear about your cat :(

    And can I just add that you have AMAAAAAZING lashes?!



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