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Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in 'Tell No One'

Oh yes, another item of makeup which is coral - I just can't get enough! I only bought it last week but I'm already in love.

Tacky and cheap packaging aside, Rimmel come out with some great colour lipsticks and highly affordable too. I've wanted an orangey/coral lipcolour for a while but didn't want to splash out on something from MAC incase it didn't suit me and I was stuck with it.

It is described as "velvety matte" aka semi matte. It isn't as drying as some matte lipsticks can be but it still highlights any lip imperfections, especially dry bits (damnit). However the pigmentation is really good and it's opaque with one swipe, plus it has a yummy watermelon scent.

Doing my best "Deer caught in the headlights" impression. Sorry I don't think I will ever master the art of taking a decent self portrait!

I was surprised to find such a good coral as most high street lipstick ranges are made up of reds, pinks and browns with a few nude colours thrown in. This is exactly the shade I was looking for - the perfect balance between pink and orange and very wearable. I don't feel self concious at all when I have this on.

Longevity isn't brilliant, especially after eating/drinking but for £6.29 I'm happy enough and don't mind the reapplication.

What's your favourite lipcolour at the moment?


  1. thats a lovely colour it looks beautiful on you babe xxx

  2. Lol at the ''Deer caught in the headlights" pose!

    Pretty colour that doesn't look OTT! I've got their lipstick in Red Fever - just as good quality as MAC - plus it smells amazing! x

  3. pretty shade :) Will try it out the next time I go out for shopping.

  4. That colour looks beautiful, it looks great on you and I bet it would suit lots of different skintones as well.

  5. fabulous colour its such a perfect coral x

  6. Pretty color! My favourite for the moment is Evasion, Chanel :)

  7. pretty color and i think it looks really good on you.


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