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Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

These new lipsticks from Sleek were released last week and I just couldn't stay away. There are 20 beautiful colours to choose from and I ended up buying 6 as they're currently on offer at Superdrug - 2 for £6 as opposed to £3.99 each.

The lipsticks are matte or sheen but there are discrepancies depending on the colour. For example, Bare All is a matte which is very dry and slightly chalky whereas Amped, also a matte is smooth and has more moisture. Also the Sheen lipsticks aren't as sheer as I thought they would be. Barely There is quite pigmented, as you can see from the swatch. In fact the best thing about these lipsticks is how highly pigmented they are - one swipe is all you need.

These are what they look like on:

Hate the nude colours, they look awful on me and make me look ill. They were also my least favourite to apply - my lips are naturally dark and I found it hard to get even coverage. This may be something to consider if you've also got pigmented lips. The bright colours however? Love them! Especially Heartbreaker and Amped.

As I've mentioned before, I haven't worn them out so I don't know how well they last and the only other thing to note is that the darker colours do stain your lips.

In short, these lipsticks would be great for summer and with the wide range of colours, there's something for everyone. Are there any colours that catch your fancy?


  1. Heartbreaker is gorgeous on you! I've picked up a few of these as well, well 4 actually ... would be rude not to when it's 2 for £6!

    I think they're great value for the price and a great way to experiment with brigh colours without having to splash out silly money.


  2. I LOVEEEEE Heartbreaker on you! xx

  3. @LionLovingTiger - Thank you :) I agree with you, I'm particularly new to lipsticks and am thankful there are good quality lipsticks in great colours to experiment with xx

    @Sriya - Thanks sweets xxxxx

  4. Love Heartbreaker and Mystic on you, really vibrant shades which I definitely couldn't pull off! haha

    Think I'm more of a Barely There and Pink Freeze type of girl! Shall have to check out the offer next time I'm out shopping :)

    Fee x

  5. Nice colors !!! :)


  6. I want to get Barely There although I agree with other girls - Heartbreaker looks gorgeous on you!


  7. I <3 all this colorsssss


  8. I have dark lips too. When I wear nude lipsticks, I use MAC prep + prime lip base and shade my lips in with a nude lip pencil. Try NYX rose and NYX nude pink and then go over with lipstick. You should get better results that way. :) Thanks for swatches I love them all!


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