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Gladiator Style

I absolutely love Gladiator sandals, those Romans were a stylish bunch weren't they? I promised myself I wouldn't buy another pair of shoes this summer but I caved when I saw these in the window of H&M. These pleather lace up have a teeny wedge heel and are very "clompy". They were cheap at £14.99 and even though they make me look cankle-y at times I've been wearing them non stop. They're quite wide so perhaps they're not as attractive as they could be but they're so comfy I don't care!


  1. I love these!!! They're sooooo nice :) Also, whst nail varnish are you wearing? I absolutely love the colour :)

    Gem x

  2. Awh these look So nice :)
    I hate my feet Lol!

  3. I need these in my life! I wont stop until i track them down! Such a bargain! As Gem asked, what polish are you wearing it looks lovely! Fab post sweetie xxx

  4. @Gem - Rimmel's Apricot Punch :)xx

    @PinkSweetsz - I'm not too fond of mine either :p xx

    @DaintyDollymix - aw thanks :) it's Rimmel Apricot Punch. I bought these a few weeks ago so hopefully you can still find them xx

  5. you have great style of shoes:)

  6. I love H&M shoes, they're the only ones that actually fit me properly! xx


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