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My week in photos

1. New pleated midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins and H&M gladiator sandals 2. The Mr and I can't get enough of fro-yo! 3. I love Turkish food 4. Scared kitty during the moving process. It feels so good to be back home 5. Rimmel's "Misty Jade" 6. Found a bunch of my old drawings from my art foundation. I think it's a life drawing? 7. Harry Potter 3D glasses in preparation for next week *squeee* 8. I love finding old photos, I want another duffle coat like this!


  1. Have a nice day! Nice pictures
    I like the green nails and the ice cream in this season :p


  2. I love your sandals and that nail varnish, gorgeous! :)

    Gem x

  3. can't go wrong with froyo. great skirt :)

  4. Love these posts! Those sandals look fab! I know what fro-yo is now lol! Mmm love turkish food, I think I have some old life drawings somewhere too! x


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