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Bargain: Vitamin E range at Tesco

I'm not sure if this is a completely new range or an existing one that has been rebranded but I noticed these in Tesco yesterday and here's what it claims to do:
"This range has been enriched with vitamin E for its natural anti-oxidant, protecting and conditioning properties to care for your skin".
Not only are they really cheap (70p) but they are also paraben free!

Parabens are used in many cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants and skincare products and they effectively work as a preservative. There has been a bit of controversy surrounding their use and they have been questioned on their toxicity and general side effects.

They can be quite hard to avoid but there are brands out there that do not use parabens - namely Lush and the relatively new Naked Bodycare. Their prices range from £4 onwards so it was surprising to find  paraben free products for less than a quid!

I didn't purchase the toner nor the cleanser but instead the pack of 25 facial wipes for 27p. Yes, that's right. 27p.

"Dermatologically Tested .Paraben Free. pH Balanced. Alcohol free. These wipes have been specially formulated to remove make up , cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and smooth."
And I can tell you that it did just that. I wasn't expecting much for something so cheap but I prefer them to my Simple ones which I found to be too dry. They removed my heavy eye makeup without the need for the scrubbing and left my skin feeling soft. The scent is pretty inoffensive too. They also have a "sensitive" version of these wipes priced at 77p but I'm more than happy to stick with these.

Will be repurchasing once I run out!


  1. Holy god! 27p?! thats amazing. i use simple too, and find that even though they are supposed to be for sensitive/dry skin they leave my skin pretty parched! I'm definitely going to search these out!

    Thanks love :)

  2. :O defo gonna give these a try simply coz i go through wipes like no bodies business, wats der to lose? 27p!!!!! thanks for this one my lovly x

  3. I'm going to try these out despite having 4 packs of Botanics to get through but as the others said, the price is too good to be letting it slide by!



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