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Primark A/W 2009

Images: Marie Claire

This photoshoot looks really good but something tells me that the quality won't translate to the actual garments...but I really like the blouse and dress with the exaggerated shoulder detail.

However my favourite item has to be these suede hidden platform boots on the left. They're an exact copy of the YSL ones but are only £25 as opposed to £580! I only wish the heel wasn't so high :(


  1. Hi, what a great post ! Thank you - it's perfect. Cool site too - cheers !

  2. Those platform boots are to die for! Do you know when they are going to come in store? The quality of Primark clothes is a little bit off but it still doesn't stop me!
    Thanks for the comment btw! Loving the blog! :)

  3. @ Elise: you're welcome and thank you :)

    @ Ro! hehe thanks! They should be in store now but I haven't had the chance to check as my nearest one is tiny.


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