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Revlon Floral Affair

I first came across these blushers after seeing them featured in a fashion/makeup editorial in a magazine a while back. I couldn't find these anywhere, not even in large Boots stores so I had to resort to ebay. However I refused to pay silly amounts and my patience paid off in the end as I snapped these up for £6 inc delivery. They are sheer powder blushers made up of three complementing shades that can be worn individually or swirled together to create one shade which I love the idea of!

Pinking of You: This is the one I searched for high and low. I love pink blushers and this is a beautiful one.

The three colours are a pale pink, a rose pink and a coral pink. And on the right is the shade when all three are swirled together. It is matte and I like that you can build the colour up depending on your preference and it will still be muted and not too brazen.

Hushed Blush: Since all my blushers are pink I thought I'd try something different and went for this peachy colour.

There is a light pinky peach, a deep pink and a true peach colour which are all shimmery. I love the shade that it becomes when mixed together, however it doesn't show up well on my skintone so I've been using this as a highlighter rather than blush. I've read that some people find it comparable to Nar's Orgasm? But I've never tried it, so I can't comment.

I wore these two shades out last night (Pinking of You as blush and Hushed Blush as a highlighter) and they looked fab. They lasted a while but I am always touching my face so it usually rubs off sooner. I don't think there's one thing I dislike about these blushers. The only thing is that I will be sad when the embossed patterns will be worn down after use.

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