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Sleek I-Divine Palettes: Original and Storm

As per usual I am a tad late on the bandwagon....

I have seen and read so many reviews on these palettes but opinions were divided therefore I was unsure whether to purchase or not. Some loved them whilst others thought they were overrated and  the quality inconsistent. However I really wanted some new eyeshadow to play with and 12 colours for £4.88 is fantastic value.


This is the first and my absolute favourite. All the colours are shimmery/metallic with the exception of the black. Sadly the gold colour broke but I have many gold eyeshadows so no biggie!

I love the row of greens, blues and the solo purple especially. My swatches didn't really come out properly but I assure you that they are very very pigmented. You get a better idea of the colour payoff in this photo.


This palette has three matte shadows - brown, beige and the black. I have yet to use this but my favourite colour is the pink in the top row.

I was unable to get a good photo of the swatches. The mattes didn't come out too great for me but nothing that a bit of primer won't solve.

To conclude, I freaking love these! They work great with my skintone, blend easy and best of all, are so highly pigmented they feel creamy to touch. I couldn't reccommend these enough. Next up on my list is the Chaos palette. I'm just gutted that I missed out on the LE Safari palette!


  1. Gorjus look u did on the eye, may have to try recreat that - its very smokey!

    I must agree, i absolutely adore the sleek pallets and to prove that i have every single one of them! cant get enough, im like whens the next one going to come out!!

  2. They're such a bargain. The Storm palette is my fave. The look you did on your eyes look lovely.

  3. I used the original palette the other day and covered my eyes in the gorgeous blue colour and used the copper very lightly as a highlight. I love how you can do the whole eye with one shadow by just applying more or less wherever you need it.


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