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Blair Waldorf

I know Blair Waldorf is a fictional tv character but she deserves a post dedicated to her because she is fabulous. I've been watching Gossip Girl non-stop over the past few days and I have fallen in love with her style. It is chic, tailored, sometimes preppy but utterly feminine.

Detailing: Ruffles, lace, bows, sequins, pearls
Colours: Mostly neutral: nude, grey, navy, white, brown, black but with pops of colour such as red, mustard yellow, green etc.
Patterns: Floral, plaid, tartan, missoni stripes
Signature pieces: Blouses (often pussy bow), capes, pencil skirts, blazers, wool coats, coloured tights.
Fabrics: Silk, chiffon, cashmere, satin, wool, tweed
Accessories: quaint necklaces, those hairbands, corsages, pearls, her designer bags, ties/scarves.
Shoes: Ballet flats, brogues, courts
Hair: Generally soft waves and always polished.
Makeup: Very neutral. Soft browns, topliner and sometimes blush. Bright/dark lips at times.

I NEED that sailor dress in my life.


  1. i love blairs fashion sence too. nice post x

  2. i want all of her clooothes!!

  3. I love Blair
    I love how the whole Gossip Girl cast is styled!

  4. i love her tights! theyre gorgeous!


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