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I love my Aurifere brushes

I attended Britain's Next Top Model Live a few weeks ago after winning tickets from a giveaway on Natalie's blog. I wasn't impressed with the clothing they had on sale, nothing tempted me at all but there were many beauty buys. I picked up a few things from Blistex, Crown Brushes and some fabulous Eldora lashes (post coming soon) but my favourite buys were these two brushes from Aurifere.

I had actually never heard of this brand until I read about them on Lipglossiping a while ago. They had a small stall with an even smaller selection of brushes. I bought the 480 squirrel brush which is a fluffy blending brush that makes applying concealer an absolute breeze. As it's so soft, it blends effortlessly and leaves my concealer non cakey. I also bought the 790 thin eyeliner brush to use with my fluidline.

Brushes can be notoriously expensive, especially if they aren't synthetic but Aurifere brushes are very affordable. I paid £7.99 for the 480 and £3.50 for the 790 which is great value for high quality brushes (prices are different on their website though). Next on my wishlist is the 190 racoon powder brush.

If you'd like to look at their range of brushes, they are sold on http://paesecosmetics.com and UK shipping is free on orders over £10 :)


  1. ooo i shall def be book marking this site!

    you and charlotte are a right nuisance to my bank balance! xxx

  2. Wooow the price is amazing!!
    I'm going to check the website right now :p

  3. @Yass - I love their prices! xx


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