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Where do you buy yours?

I'm talking about bras here. I'm usually a M&S girl but I was wondering if anyone could highly reccommend anywhere else? Is La Senza any good? Debenhams? If I was rolling in it, it would be Stella McCartney all the way (honestly, just take a look at the pretty). Sadly my budget is more high street so any suggestions along those lines would be much appreciated. Not Primark though - worst underwear ever!


  1. M&S do good quality bras. But I mostly shop from La Senza & Ann Summers for more of wide range of styles & fittings. xx

  2. @DesignerSpray - That was quick! I never thought about Ann Summers you know. Thank ye, I shall check it out xx

  3. I buy all of my bras and knicks from H&M, most of the bras are under £10! they are beautiful styles and designs, last long and always have matching undies. i bought 4 bras and a pair of knickers in there thr other day for £40!

    tje only downside is, they only stock up to a C or D, so if your small busted like me it's perfect!

    hope thats been helpful xxxx

    (i just cannot justify spending £20+ bra and knickers from just highstreet La Senza!)

  4. Guess it depends what size you are! I can only get mine in Debenhams, M&S or La Senza so I'm limited to those. I like Debenhams best!x

  5. I'm not a fan of m&s or la senza, I've found lejaby and d&g fit me really well. I buy more expensive brands like agent provocateur during the sales as they're often heavily reduced. Vente Privee are having a Stella Mccartney underwear sale on Wednesday so you should have a look!

  6. @CGFB - I love the look of H&M bras but they sadly don't go over a D cup :( xx

    @Dani - I've managed to snag some in their sale, thanks :) xx

    @Becky - Thanks for the heads up, I've just signed up and some are only £22!!! xx


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